Amazing Baby Carrier
Amazing Baby Carrier
Amazing Baby Carrier

Amazing Baby Carrier

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Why You Need This?
It's simple, carrying your newborn doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming! That’s why we made this just for you. This Amazing Baby Carrier is a babywearing tank with a built-in nursing bra for mom and cozy carrying pouch for baby. It includes an inner mesh panel for breathability, an adjustable head support and pouch extender, and a softer-than-ever bra panel for all-day comfort. 

How It Works
When designing we were very intentional about making sure it met the needs of the newborn - to be close and secure to their mom in a position that's best for their growing body. Because of that, babies need to be upright facing toward the mom while in the pouch (tummy to tummy). The pouch is intended for newborns between 7 and 15 lbs. You can wear it as a nursing tank daily the entire time you breastfeed. For many mamas, that's a year or more!

How to Wear
Perfect for layering in all seasons! Simply put this baby carrier like a regular tank top. You do not need to wear a separate bra as it has features a built-in nursing bra and support panel for breastfeeding. Once you are comfortable, pick up your baby and place them in the pouch. Your little one’s legs should be frogged beneath their bottom. If needed, pull up the pouch extender panel around baby’s shoulders. 

Fabric Composition
Polyester // Rayon // Spandex blend.  The nursing bra panel is created from a super soft custom modal jersey.

Sizing Guide


  • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch
  • Baby's head should be above your breasts and high enough for you to kiss
  • If it’s snug and comfy on mom after delivery, it’s the best size!