Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide
Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide
Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide
Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide

Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide

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Create the perfect seam allowances in a breeze without marking, as the Grit™ Magnetic Seam Guide helps line your fabric up neatly. Bust that "straight seams are impossible" myth with this handy tool now!

This small metal tool attaches to the throat plate of sewing machines via a magnet, providing a reliable and firm guide for setting seam allowances. Psst...throw away that post-it pad or tape that you use as a guide now!

  • Easy to store - simply throw in to your box or pouch of sewing tools
  • Made of metal and durable
  • Measures 4.3cm X1.7cm/ 1.69" X 0.67"


If your throat plate has measurements marked on, simply place Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide against desired measurement (i.e. the length of seam allowance).

If your throat plate does not have any measurement, use a ruler to measure from your needle to the desired seam allowance width and place your Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide accordingly.

Feed fabric with your left hand while the seam guide is placed towards your right. Lift your presser foot, align your fabric against the seam guide, then put presser foot back down. You can start sewing! 


Use Grit™Magnetic Seam Guide with different presser feet for different effects! With a normal foot, sew with the magnetic seam guide to achieve a basic straight edge. With a felling foot, achieve that amazing rolled seam edge. Having 100% control over seam allowances allows you to work seamlessly (pun intended) with other presser feet to create new designs!

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