Laundry Ball (2 PCS)
Laundry Ball (2 PCS)
Laundry Ball (2 PCS)
Laundry Ball (2 PCS)

Laundry Ball (2 PCS)

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Laundry detergent can clean clothes but contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health when used in the long run. These laundry balls contain pellets that naturally cleans clothes without the need for any type of detergent. The balls kill bacteria and work through the ionization process, making use of the water's full force to clean clothes.


  • Eco-friendly laundry balls are free of caustic chemicals, dyes, and perfumes that can irritate the skin. Safe for babies, children, and anyone with sensitive skin, allergies, & eczema.
  • A great alternative to laundry baby detergent.
  • Reduces scale, rust and lime build-up in washing machines and pipes, eliminates mold, bacteria, and odors.
  • Prevents clothes from twisting and is reusable for 1500 washes.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Spray Height: 9mm