TRIPLE-USE Avocado Slicer
TRIPLE-USE Avocado Slicer

TRIPLE-USE Avocado Slicer

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Does it take too long to get to the creamy goodness of Avocadoes that you can't live without?

Finding a knife to cut it into 2, using a spoon to remove the seed, then trying not to mess the avocado flesh while removing its skin.....UGH, THAT IS TOO MUCH WORK! 

GET YOUR AVOCADO SLICES WITHIN A JIFFY with the TRIPLE-USE Avocado slicer! Halve, de-core and slice all within one tool. Get the goodness from the avocados everyday, fuss free!

  • Use the blade to halve the avocado.

  • Secure the avocado seed with the pitter, pull it out and pop the seed.

  • Slide the slicer through each half of the avocado.

  • Dig in! 

Item is approximately 7.61inches x 2.34inches (L * W) and weighs 76g.